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McMahon Stadium Calgary


McMahon Stadium

McMahon Stadium is a Canadian football stadium located in Calgary, Alberta. It was constructed on the University of Calgary campus over a 100-day period in 1960 and is named after Calgary residents Frank McMahon and George McMahon who donated C$300,000 toward the construction of the facility.


With permanent seating totalling 35,650, McMahon Stadium is the fifth-largest stadium in Canada. McMahon Stadium was expanded in several stages from its original 22,000-seat capacity in 1960 to 38,205 in 1988. More recent renovations in 2001 and 2005, in which luxury boxes replaced bleacher seating in the higher rows of the grandstands, reduced the stadium capacity to 37,317 in 2001, and to its current 35,650 in 2005; Calgary Stampeders president Ted Hellard recently proposed a further reduction of McMahon Stadium’s capacity by approximately 4,200 seats to accommodate further luxury boxes, said renovations to be underwritten with personal seat licenses.