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The ultimate multi-national drunken-Balkan disco divebar extravaganza... A frenzied embassy for world music and immigrant punks. Weekly live performances by world-famous musicians hailing trans-globally, local gypsy superstars, beautiful belly dancers, crazed exhibitionists, and more. Cheap drinks, delicious hookah, wild dance parties, and good people! Home Of The Infamous Ice Cage: Mehanata's subzero drinking freezer. Wander down the stairs into an ethereal Siberian paradise, featuring Manhattan's only ICE CAGE freezer room. With a Russian military uniform and a shotglass coated in ice, you’ll enter a room lined with vodka bottles and prepare for a night like you’ve never had before. Open Thursday - Sundays 8:30PM - 4:00AM. 21+ w/ ID Available for birthday parties, weddings, and funerals...