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Mekka Nightclub Miami

Mekka is in the perfect position to become a prominent nightlife player. With a variety of rooms, multiple entrances, and a dramatic urban location behind Miami’s 50-floor wall of condo towers, this maze-like megaclub is a fortress and an escape that seems to never close. It’s also connected to a gay bar next door – Discotekka – which is convenient if, after eight hours of dancing and half a bottle of vodka, you feel like trying something new. Whereas the South Beach glamour houses close around 5 a.m., Mekka still has a line outside at dawn. It keeps the bass going and going and going for an after-hours dance party that continues into midday Sunday. Although large and shiny, Mekka provides the goods with less glitz than SoBe spots.

Skip the exclusive, over-dressed crowd in South Beach’s bars and clubs and party all night at this downtown hot spot complete with dancing, drinking and DJs. Whatever special event or party you’re looking to plan, Mekka has you covered with their event and VIP packages. Holiday parties (new years countdowns, too!), bar mitzvahs, birthdays and corporate functions are all welcomed by Mekka’s 5 clubs under 1 roof.

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