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MI 6 Los Angeles

MI 6

A perennial nightclub space on the border of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, MI-6 is the latest supper club adventure from Sam Nazarian (Hyde, Area, Katsuya). Nightlife synonymous with cumbersome velvet ropes and impromptu visits from the cast of The Hills, MI-6 aims to take local nightlife revelers beyond the typical pap-lounge to create a hip-hop den with more than just designer interiors. The first floor is a gentlemanly space of dark leather club chairs, ebonized wood and sprawling banquettes offering a small menu of evolved bar snacks that could eventually debut as a stand-alone restaurant. But upstairs is where you really want to be, tucked-inside an intimate dance and lounge space accessed through a separate entrance not necessarily guaranteed by entrance into the downstairs dining room.

Mi6 formed in the early 90’s with the original lineup of Matt Brooks, Josh Bloomer, and Jan Radder. They played shows locally in the Willimantic Ct. area, and were soon to be one of the first bands to release a 7″ ep on Willimantic’s own Vandal Children Records. Jan left the group, and was replaced by Greg Conte, and yet another ep, “Ultra-Phonic hi-Fi,” was released on VCR. About this time, Charlie Krich, the founder of Vandal Children Records, had opened a small music club at strip mall in willimantic called Studio 158. Many bands, Mi6 included, called 158 home, and played there often. Josh was then replaced on drums by Jay Adelberg, Soren Sorensen joined as a second guitarist, an east coast tour was done with San Francisco’s JChurch, and work began on a new full length lp, tenatively entitled “Thread City.” unfortunately the album was never released. During the band’s few years of existence, they shared the stage with such scene luminaries as Fugazi, Born Against, Samiam, Lifetime, 7 Seconds, Nuisance, Jawbreaker, Shudder to Think, J Church, Garden Variety, and many, many more. More info to come as people write me to fill in any details i’ve missed, or complain about the mistakes i’ve made here. Jay here-Matt and I have another band! We are both living in Los Angeles and have a band called Ready the Jet. Long story how we ended up back together after almost 10 years, but it happened.

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