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Mia at Biscayne Miami

Welcome to Mia at Biscayne, a social magnet for culinary fun, casual lounging and evening entertainment. Nestled on the corner of Biscayne Boulevard and Flagler Street, across from the Bayfront Park, Mia captures the heart of the downtown Miami lifestyle. Stimulating both day and evening, Mia is a destination that caters to the individual experience.

Located in the heart of Downtown Miami, Mia at Biscayne was created as a reflection of the diversity Miami represents. A tantalizing blend of color, mixed layout, bold fixtures, and the highest quality of audio visual capability, the venue is a culmination of four unique concepts intricately meshed to comprise one entertainment complex. Lounge, Restaurant, Sidewalk Caf, and Nightclub, Mia has become known as a unique ‘supper club’ that seems to have it all.

For the discerning patron wishing to enjoy live entertainment, or the club enthusiast wanting to dance the night away, there is an event to suit even the most fickle of tastes. Complete with the highest standard of culinary elements, the menu at Mia was created to reflect all that is Miami, its people and picturesque landscape. When guests dine at Mia they will experience ‘concept dining’ at its best. The location and menu were designed to create a full visual and palate-pleasing experience that will provoke social intimacy and conversation. Mia is where a potpourri of hues, spices, flavors, and cultures meet, as is Miami.

Miami has become known globally as a Mecca for the arts, entertainment, fashion, and nightlife. Our beautiful city serves as a backdrop for some of the most popular TV shows and movies seen on the big screen. As such, each venue seems to try to out-do the last in order to impress patrons. Mia at Biscayne simply goes back to basics, recognizing that the most successful venues in the top metro areas have been comprised of space, tasteful dcor and an amazing sound/audio system. Mia combines those elements, yet raises the bar.

One thing Mia at Biscayne does not lack is space, as there are multiple areas including indoor and outdoor. The dcor at Mia is colorful and warm, visually enticing and ever altered to work cohesively with the roster of events held there. Lastly, Mia boast capabilities on a technological level that have catapulted it to the standard of a full-blown entertainment complex capable of hosting top fashion shows, art exhibits, live acts, world famous DJ’s and producers, as well as hosting corporate events. The uniquely lit lounge, complete with mobile seating and what seems to be a never-ending main bar, make this hot spot perfect. Whether the patron wanting to sip cocktails and listen to music on the outdoor patio or dance the night away inside a beautiful space, Mia offers the ultimate lounge experience.

One of the most attractive attributes Miami possesses is our year-round climate. Mia at Biscayne allows you to enjoy our enviable weather while sipping on a delicious cocktail or signature item from our menu. Guests can take in the South Florida tropical ambiance while in the comfortable setting that has been designed for outdoor lounging Mia-style. What does that mean? Comfortable chic, simply put.

Miami has long been a Mecca for Fashion, and recognized as one of the capitals for the industry. Thus, Mia at Biscayne was designed to host fashion shows at the venue. From a collapsible catwalk to a perfect stage setting, top professional lighting and one-of-a-kind technology, Mia is capable of presenting any collection in a spectacular setting.

Interested in going out for some dancing? Mia is your place. With an amazing sound system and all the audio visual capabilities to transport you, Mia is a wonderland of technology. From top-notch lighting, a spacious dance floor, live performers, dancers and world famous DJs spinning, Mia has rapidly become a favorite for the dance-music enthusiast. Don’t fret, as Mia has something for everyone, the programming includes different genres each night to satisfy all musical tastes to include a Latin, Urban and International night.

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