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MIE N YU Washington DC

Every “area” is an experience, an adventure for the senses and the social. Hey, we’re not getting paid to say this…it’s truly an incredible new place to meet & greet. Mie N Yu is a provocative new restaurant/Lounge that combines the pure flavor and culture of the far reaches of the world in historic Georgetown. If you are going to go anywhere this week, check out what’s sure to be DC’s newest hot spot. For reservations or information, please call 202/333-6122 or you may make your reservation at www.opentable.com

The world’s revered dining cultures have come together in Mie N Yu, a provocative new restaurant that brings the tastes of the far reaches of the world to historic Georgetown.

Dine or lounge in rich and varied settings from the plush daybeds and lanterns of the Turkish tent to the silk and brocade-lined dining nooks of the Moroccan Bazaar. Mie N Yu is truly a feast for all the senses.

Mie N Yu’s culinary artists combine flavors from all over the world including Asia, North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Americas. These distinctive combinations along with traditional American classics make the menu one of a kind.

Mie N Yu guests pass through a pair of sentinels positioned in sublime fountains. As you are welcomed into a garden like setting your gaze is drawn to all the worlds within. The Chinese influenced English standing bar radiates red. The bar’s focal point, a deejay sets the mood for lounging and dining. The elevated Turkish tent, with its ornate ottomans and cozy day beds beckons. The Moroccan street boasts fountains, a massive iron bird cage and architectural relics creating intimate terraced dining nooks lined in silk and brocade. The mezzanine bar invites communal diners to mingle among its mirrored candle-lit walls and leads you to the formal dining room where red velvet draped walls surround magnificent mirrored tables which reflect crystal chandeliers. The plush Tibetan Lounge, with its discreet private entrance and its own deejay, is perfect for special entertaining. It is available by reservation only.