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Milky Way Lounge & Lanes Boston


Welcome to the Milky Way Lounge & Lanes.

“Part lounge, part lanes, The Milky Way Lounge & Lanes is a quaint seven-lane candlepin alley that attracts trendy-somethings and young families. The Milky Way is festooned with homegrown decor, with 1950s lampshades (faux leopard skin, contiki prints) and Christmas lights glittering in the lanes’ polished surfaces. The bowling alley is of the same vintage as Sacco¹s, but these are not the sweetest conditions. Diehard candlepin bowlers go elsewhere. In a stroke of genius, when half of the alleys were closed down to make room for the lounge, builders put up picture windows. If you walk down past the bar toward the waitress stand, you can look in on the 70-year-old machinery that runs the remaining seven lanes, with candlepins nesting and ready for the next round. The Milky Way is also a cool nightclub with live local bands and dancing. A couple of pool tables an da new table hockey game round out the social pleasures of this JP classic. You can order food from the upstairs cafe, Bella Luna. In short, the Milky Way is a great combination of all you need in life-food, beer, entertainment, friends and candlepins.”

From: Secret Boston, The Unique Guidebook to Boston’s

Hidden Sites, Sounds, & Tastes

By Laura Purdom

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