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MISSHAPES IS ABOUT GREAT MUSIC AND WE BELIEVE GREAT MUSIC HAS NO GENRE BOUNDARIES IT'S ABOUT SONGS THAT JUST MAKE YOU WANT TO DANCE AND HAVE A GREAT TIME I want you to take me out" Along side DJ’s and hosts Greg.K , Leigh Lezark , and Geo, each week special guest DJ’s (Previous guests include Boy George, members of The Rapture, Fischerspooner, and Les Savy Fav , as well as writers from Rolling Stone, Index, Spin, and the Village Voice) are on deck playing music to get you in the mood. Playing an explosive mixture of indie, alternative, rock’n’roll, pop, bootlegs, electro, punk, post-punk, new wave, garage rock, and retro 80’s classics, we try not to play stuff that's heavily represented on other nights; not because it's not good, but because those nights do such a good job of covering it already. So take the weight off your wallet and come get smashed with the MisShapes every Saturday. Though inspired by New York parties Motherfucker and Tiswas, and the glamour of their hosts Justine D and Michael T, who have truly perfected bringing together groups who like all different music- rock, punk, electro, indie etc in one place, Misshapes is the sister party to Miss-Shapes, which is held at The Ghetto in London. Greg K has visited the party on a few occasions and was really attracted to one of the parties original flyers featuring the faces of Jarvis Cocker, Damon Albarn, Courtney Love, and Shirley Manson. One thing the NY parties lacked was the "fun pop" thrown into the rock indie electro mix, and this UK party certainly knew when to turn out a hit from the pop sensation du jour. Like its very successful UK sister, which recently celebrated their 8th year anniversary, Misshapes is about the colored dancing lights and the kids who return each week in the hopes that even Whitney Houston could be played alongside Le Tigre. MisShapes is partially named after a Pulp song, but its more poignant meaning comes from our circle of friends and the crowd we see out at parties - we are all very different , but even across continents, somehow we fit in together, connected through our of love dancing and new music.