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Mission : Detroit


The Mission:Detroit Association was founded on the thought of what seemed to be missing in the electronic music world, especially in Detroit, was a community outside of parties. The basis of this organization is more than a location for our members to enjoy the best talent, but that it should also foster a real interactive community of people who all love electronic music. An evolution is in progress, and our goal is to be on the cutting edge of redefining how the electronic music community is viewed by society as a whole. Currently, we’re reasserting the fact that quality venues in Detroit still exist, where electronic music lovers can enjoy the raw feel of the music, in a safe environment. Our plans to build a community are in full motion, and new community oriented functions outside of our bi-weekly events are soon to come. This organization’s goal is to give something back to the larger Detroit community of which we are a part. It’s something different. It’s something evolved. It’s something wicked… prepare yourself…