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MIXX Atlantic City

MIXX is the ideal venue for experiencing what Borgata’s all about. Matter turns to energy in this high-octane dance emporium, where clubdoms most infamous elite DJs spin the sickest beats. Reserve VIP table service to fully enjoy your next special occasion, celebration, or self-indulgent night out. Try MIXXs signature cocktail experience – an innovative concept that allows guests to enjoy the VIP table service experience with greater freedom and choice.

A dual identity. A singular experience. Mixx is a restaurant – and a nightclub. Enjoy Latin/Asian fusion cuisine until late night, when the specialty of the house transforms into a fusion of high-energy excitement and infinite possibility.

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Rock-It Scientists with Carlos Melange (11/23/2013) @ MIXX
MIXX, Atlantic City
Sky Nellor (11/16/2013) @ MIXX
MIXX, Atlantic City