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Molly Blooms London

Molly Blooms Irish pub is a tribute to James Joyce’s famed novel Ulysses. Come along and enjoy a classic Irish pint in an authenticate environment, and get ready to have a blast!

Molly Blooms was the wife of Leopold Bloom, the main protagonist in Joyce’s timeless classic. The novel chronicles the events of a day in Dublin in the early 20th century; a time when there was little employment, but many opportunities to entertain oneself at a classic Irish tavern. The town may have been down on its luck, but the Irish spirit still soared!

Molly Blooms is described as remarkably beautiful women, with an independent and strong spirit. While she was not terribly faithful to her husband (majority of the novel describes how she entertains one of her many lovers while Leopold roams the streets), she is a testament to a woman ahead of her time, just like Joyce’s novel.

The content of Ulysses was very controversial in its day, and the novel was banned in North America until fourteen years after its publication.

So, to pay tribute to a timeless Irish classic, come on down to Molly Blooms and raise a pint with some old and new friends!