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Monarch San Francisco

Located on the edge of SOMA, Monarch combines the shared visions of four deeply-rooted industry veterans. It’s a rare multifunctional venue that is as equally suited to an evening of sipping on craft cocktails as to a night of music, movement and debauchery.

The upstairs Monarch Bar is an elegant lounge, which dramatically mingles elements of Victorian, Steampunk and Art Nouveau design. Dynamic inventions from international award-winning cocktail curator, Danielle Marchant, take the late mixology trend in a relaxed, un-fussy direction, while effortlessly incorporating quality and technique. Ambiance leaps to new heights as trained performers dangle from the ceiling above the bar’s delicate glass bottles, inducing a wide-eyed delight on its patrons.

To top off the experience, Monarch invites its guests to capture their night in its custom photo booth, which offers complimentary prints that replay their evening and beckon them back.


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FOR THE RECORD :: DJ GARTH | JESSE SHAY (All Vinyl) at Monarch ** DJ Garth > https://soundcloud.com/garth-dj-mixes >> https://www.facebook.com/GarthDJ ** Jesse Shay > https://soundcloud.com/j-j-shay $10 tier tickets avail til October 17th $15 after. ======================== DJ Garth is one of America's most influential and enduring DJs. He is [more]