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Montreal Chinese Community & Cultural Center

Montreal Chinese Cultural Center had its construction start in 2004, following a commitment of the then directors of MCCUC Community and Cultural Center to turn the community’s dream of having the presence of a Chinese cultural center in Montreal into a reality, and the financial support promised by the three tiers of Canadian Governments .

While the governments’ subsidize remains the biggest part of financial contribution to the project and a trigger to its commencement, it is the unity among the community that guarantees the completion of the construction. A total amount of $700,000 fund raised from the local community, though small in proportion to the governments’ sponsorship, does translate into a very strong note that this community is indeed very united.

With its inauguration in 2005, Montreal Chinese Cultural Center came into operation and since then has been receiving recognitions for its contributions to the community. Please take a moment to see other pages to know more about about this Center.