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Motif Lounge San Jose

Motif Loung is the exclusive home to “Naked sushi” – gorgeous women serve as the dish to eat delicious sushi off of. As a venue for this type of spectacle, Motif has a lot to offer. It’s located on South First Street across the street from Glo and next-door to Agenda, set back far enough from the street to allow for a large outdoor courtyard outfitted with luxurious couches and cabanas.

The lower level which serves as the dining area, serving delicious and unique food transforms into a dance floor thereafter, is decorated with an astonishing “chandelier,” which is actually 8,000 black stones hanging individually by threads strung from the second-story ceiling, rising and falling across the room like crashing waves. To get up to the balcony, you walk up the stairs to Motif’s most surprising secret: a large bar area and dance floor the wraps around the back of Agenda in an L-shape, making what seems from the street to be a smallish restaurant into a full-fledged nightclub, complete with VIP sections and bottle service. This elegant, romantic, and energetic surprise features the city’s best DJs and incredible music to dance, mingle and move to. See what VIP San Jose has to offer at Motif Lounge.

Photo galleries

Lil Scrappy (7/13/2013) @ Motif Lounge
Motif Lounge, San Jose
NYE at Motif (12/31/2010) @ Motif Lounge
Motif Lounge, San Jose