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Mova Lounge Washington DC


Mova Lounge

Welcome to Mova. For nearly six years we have striven to create the most enjoyable nightlife experience in downtown Washington, DC and then in Miami Beach, focusing on quality drinks, excellent music and entertainment, and an upscale venue that you can call home. The result has been six exhilarating years with more than a few amazing parties and memorable nights along the way.

Now we enter a new stage in our life as Mova. We still stand for the same core concepts and ideas we brought you as Halo, but we are expanding upon them and adding to them now. Through exciting partnerships with local environmental groups, we are working around the clock to transform our bar into an eco-friendly establishment with a “greener” way of doing things.

We are in the process of reinventing every night of the week here so that we always stay fresh and new. This month, be on the lookout for a completely revamped line up of events and parties right here!

To all of those you have been with us from the beginning: thanks for sticking around. You are the reason we keep going. To everyone who is stopping by for the first time: we hope you like it here and become part of the Mova family.