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With 41,000 square feet party possibility, Muzik is one of Toronto's most unique party and event venues. A chameleon-like entertainment space undefined by convention; Muzik is a whole new way to experience Toronto nightlife This is MUZIK.

MUZIK is located in the former Horticulture Building at Exhibition Place. It has undergone a complete interior restoration, a perfect venue to host wild concerts, corporate and special events, parties, photo shoots, - all with a state-of-the-art technology and atmosphere that attracts the world top DJs to spin incredible music . MUZIK's enormous outside patio overlooks the lake and is a perfect setting to host a reception and/or barbeque. On the grounds are numerous E.B. Cox works featuring huge limestone sculptures of mythical figures.

The flexible size of MUZIK allows the venue to host groups ranging in size from 100 to 3,000 - complete with private bars for VIP events, tents, cabanas and more! So whether your party or event is chill or wild, MUZIK has got you covered. Finally MUZIK houses a full kitchen facility with convectional ovens and walk-in freezer and fridge so you serve up some delicious food with incredible drinks.

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