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Adorned with easels, photographs of models, chandeliers, and bookshelves with vintage-inspired reads decorate the venue, MyStudio is a New York-inspired lounge, located in the heart of LA. Dedicated to the 1960s photographer, MyStudio is adorned with splashes of gold, marble and soft black leather throughout that screams 60s-Katherine Hepburn-chic! Further inspired by models waiting for a photoshoot at MyStudio, scantily clad cocktail waitresses in silk gowns and lingire sexily tease Las Angeles’ socialite elite singles. Finally, celebs and party-goers flank the dance floor and main bar to get down with the best DJs LA has to offer. So for a, dare we say romantic, sensual, and naughty evening with some of the hottest servers alive and upscale clientele, check out My Studio.