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Myst New York

Inspired by the nightlife of Mecca’s of South Beach but right in the heart of the ever popular West Chelsea section of New York City’s urban “Nightclub District,” Myst stands in a class of its own. Owners Carlo Seneca, Gary Malhotra and John Englebert (JE) bring you an amazing interior put together by some of the most recognized and respected names in the design business. Seneca Construction, architects Emmett Roepke of Pan-Cosmotecture, designers Brinton Brewster Interiors, and architectural lighting designers Robert Singer & Associates have worked to create an urban escape that stands clearly apart from the others.

Indeed, the recent addition to 28th Street has been making headlines left and right. As guests enter the intimate space the state-of-the-art wall of “myst” creates a sexy vibe that continues throughout the party. Along three walls, stunning silver banquets and low tables create a dreamy atmosphere topped off by the translucent bar with bubbling color and mood-changing lights.

The hot crowd dances the night away on the circular dance floor, while being wrapped in a light “myst” and funky images being projected from the ceiling. Since its recent opening, many celebs and amazing parties have walked through the doors… including fashion shows, CD release parties, as well as countless models and bottles.

MYST boasts a state of the art sound system by industry legend Joe Lodi of Advanced Auto Technology and lighting system by world renowned Robert Singer & Associates. With a unique wall sized mechanism that sprays condensation fog and mist that guests walk through. At approximately 5000 square feet MYST has the unique luxury of being able to accommodate large or small functions with professional courteous and experienced staff.

MYST is the perfect backdrop for social gatherings, corporate functions, film, video shoots, charity functions, fashion shows, product launches, fundraisers, and holiday celebrations. They serve the finest premium liquors and cocktail selections for your affair and feature in-house full service catering and menu planning. MYST’s staff features an impressive roster of nightly hosts, warm and friendly bottle servers and knowledgeable bartenders who are sure to please even the most discriminating clientele.

For corporate events, social occasions, or any personal celebration, MYST is the first venue to visit. To set up an appointment or to arrange a tour of our space for an upcoming event, please call our Events department at 212.268.5105 or send an email to info@mystnyc.com.

Merging the energy of a nightclub with the relaxed atmosphere of a lounge, MYST sets out to create a new model for New York City nightlife.

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