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Mystique Lounge Toronto

Now open. Male exotic dancers on Fridays and Saturdays.


Decorated in a Zsa Zsa mix of leopard skin prints, scroll-backed chairs and gilt mirrors, this midtown landmark (formerly known as Cheaters) feels a lot like an over-decorated living room. The stage is roughly the size of a Rosedale dining-room table and about the same height; fancy chairs are arranged around the edges. A series of private cubicles are equipped with comfortable seats and heavy, swagged curtains. Though the decor is smart, the atmosphere is more relaxed than in most clubs; for one thing, the dancers aren’t as pushy as their downtown cousins. Judging from the number of guys in business suits, this is a popular after-work spot for the north Toronto set.


Cheaters Adult Entertainment specializes in Toronto adult entertainment. Our strip club offers fun atmosphere and beautiful dancers, as well as features like Pool Tables, Fully Licensed Bar for all your favorite drinks, Comfortable Lounge, Top Feature Dancers. You only get married once or twice, so why not have a stag party to remember. We give new meaning to Ultimate Enjoyment! We go the extra mile to ensure that you have a fantastic time. Visit Cheaters today!

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