New City Gas

New City Gas is one of Montreal's premiere concert venues and event spaces. Located in the heart of Griffintown, New City Gas was first built in 1859 to convert coal into gas for Montreal's lighting. It is now a multi-function event space that covers 2 floors 40,000 square feet of space, and up to three different rooms. The venue is a gorgeous mixture of historic architecture and contemporary urban design, creating an effect that is both modern and timeless.

Like many industrial heritage ensembles, here and around the world, the New City Gas Company of Montreal complex was built in several stages by a number of different engineers, contractors, and architects. The New City Gas ensemble was built between 1859 and 1861 in accordance with the plans of John Ostell (1813-1862), a leading 19th-century Montreal architect. Ostell was also a board member and then president of the company, after being a shareholder of the Montreal Gas Light Company, founded in 1836. Despite the loss of some parts of the building, largely to make way for the elevated tracks of the Canadian National Railway in the 1920’s, the New City Gas complex is largely intact. Its impressive roofs and stone masonry are a strong and evocative presence in the urban landscape.

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New City Gas, 950 Ottawa Street, Montreal, Quebec (Downtown) Canada Montreal Quebec Canada | show on map

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New City Gas, 950 Ottawa Street, Montreal, Quebec (Downtown) Canada Montreal Quebec Canada | show on map

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Mark Knight + Prok&Fitch + Weiss
New City Gas, Montreal
Samedi (7/27/2013) @ New City Gas
New City Gas, Montreal