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New Mexico State Fair Albuquerque

New Mexico State Fair

The New Mexico State Fair in Albuquerque started decades after most state fairs, but unlike its trailblazing neighbors, was an immensely popular hit from the outset.

The first fair of 1881 ran a total of five days which attracted huge crowds despite the gloom of rainy weather. Even for these first fairs, (which began before New Mexico was even an official state) business owners knew knew an opportunity when they saw one, and invested heavily.

Crowd pleasing trapese artists and other daredevil acts – like parachute jumpers who jumped from hot air balloons – eventually earned the New Mexico State Fair as one of the greatest annual events in the Southwest.

Today the New Mexico State Fair is a 17-day event usually occurring in September at Expo New Mexico in Albuquerque.

Entertainment, of course, is still a big draw along with artisans, performers and food vendors showcasing the state’s rich Spanish and Native American heritage and culture.

Still not to be outdone, the New Mexico State Fair closely follows an All-American venue featuring livestock shows and exhibits, as well as cooking and flower competitions.

Rodeo extravaganzas, carnival rides and games round out the attractions that offer family-friendly fun for anyone traveling through New Mexico at summer’s end.