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New York, New York Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh is no San Francisco, but as far as classy gay bars go, New York, New York is a fine representative. Housed in a stone building on a corner of fabulous Shadyside, New York, New York caters to upscale swingers and couples eager for nightlife but too mature for the sweaty crowds and deafening electronica of the Pegasus Lounge. Providing an old-school alternative to the glitzy club scene, NYNY invites metro-sexual patrons to pick a classic from the jukebox, sip a Cosmopolitan, and catch up on local gossip in a private corner of the establishment’s sprawling dining room (tables are inlaid with Playbills, lending a nostalgic Broadway vibe). Two full bars await thirty customers, and in the summer the managers open the spacious back deck for schmoozing under the stars. The piano is often open to dabbling fingers, and menus are available for customers planning on the late-night haul.