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Nocturne Toronto

Nocturne is a new nightclub/lounge located in the heart of downtown Toronto on Queen Street West near Bathurst.  The name "Nocturne" literally means "works of art inspired by the night, especially music".  This nightclub is bringing a fresh approach to Toronto nightlife offering something new and different each night of the week in a venue that can appeal to anyone yet still lives up to the strong personality associated with Queen Street.
Nocturne is a midsize venue with a capacity near 200 patrons and includes a DJ booth and stage for live music or performances.  The space is ideally suited for intimate shows, including a unique central bar area with a dedicated dance floor on one side and a large VIP lounge room on the other side.  A thrust stage with optional runway are also available for fashion shows or other special events.

Our menu is reasonably priced but higher quality than a typical nightclub.  We offer exclusive wines, unique cocktails, and a premium beer selection.  Out custom cocktail menu was specially designed by mixologist Courtney Stewart.

The interior design of Nocturne brings the outside inside, showcasing classic street lamps and park benches in a striking visual setting of polarized mirrors, satin curtains, and cobblestone.  Black light accents are cleverly positioned to illuminate drinks and not faces.  The reinforced dancefloor has a mirrored wall accented by programmable LEDs, while moving ray lights react to the crowd.  Raised seating along the wall creates ideal room for spectators.

The overall ambience of Nocturne is unique and inviting, reminiscent of European nightlife.  It provides a dark moody atmosphere yet maintains an air of class and sophistication.

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Nocturne, Toronto