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Using food, beverage and service as our medium, Nolita House Restaurant & Bar strives to create a unique culinary experience which serves as a catalyst for education and community development. Our culinary offering is a thoughtful balance of contemporary comfort food blended with a global selection of exceptional artisan cheeses that are threaded through our affordable lunch, brunch, dinner & catering menus. Nolita House’s experienced team enlighten and encourage guests to branch out and experience new spins on old favorites – like ordering melted Spanish Valdeon Blue Cheese on a roasted garlic burger instead of typical processed Swiss or Cheddar.

Located in the Nolita (North of Little Italy) area of Manhattan, Nolita House’s casual yet classy comfort setting has broad based appeal. Our restaurant imparts a neighborhood atmosphere where guests can experience comfort food, artisan cheese, musicians and local artists in a relaxed and unpretentious environment. Our frequent “edutainment” events give our restaurant an interesting and interactive Town Hall feel. Nolita House is currently open for lunch, dinner and weekend brunch and we offer both on and off premise catering services.

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