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O Ultra Club & Terrace Cancun


Brings cancun Nightlife back to the exclusivity and glamour that our city was founded upon.

The evening begins at “O Ultra Club” the premiere lounge where luxury and sensuality are artfully combined to create a beautiful oasis.

Our drink and lounge menu offers an impressive selection of premium cocktails, wines and champagne.

“O Ultra Club” is an intimate lounge and perfect gathering place. Elegance and chic surroundings make this ultra sexy lounge the perfet place to enjoy you’re evening and mingle between friends. Banquettes and tables surround the bar, lavished in modern leathers with splashes of red and black accents. Poetic and innovatie color lighting effects create new dimensions of excitement , energy and positive vibes throughout.

“O Ultra Club” offers a unique and stylish touch that creates the most exclusive atmosphere in Cancun.