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Oasis Oakland


The Legendary Restaurant and Night Club, the Oasis is located in Downtown Oakland at 135 12th Street @ Madison.

The Oasis is loved by many loyal guests from around the world for different reasons. Some come for the International flare, outdoor patio or eclectic crowd. Others enjoy the ambience of custom painted walls and incredible murals by Maurice of Maurice’s Pieces while listening to world class bands and DJs. Still others come early for the American lunches and West African Dinners served nightly In the Museum restaurant. Most make it in on a regular basis to move their dancing feet and groove to the sounds of internationally recognized live bands and Slamming DJs of all genres from Rock, to Jazz, to Reggae, and Dance Music.

The Oasis makes for a comfortable night spot for just about anyone, just call ahead to find out that weeks schedule. But you can always count on Wednesday nights satisfying your “roots” cravings and Sunday nights will always get your House vibes flowing. One thing is for sure, you can always count on a good time and great people no matter when you arrive at the door to Oakland’s Oasis in the middle of the city! Please make it by! We’d love to see your face at the door!