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Octapus Toronto


Formerly a Queen West favourite, Octapus has set down its tentacles in a remodelled garage just south of College. The new location is bigger—two floors cover 1,100 square feet, plus a patio—and more beautiful: plush chocolate couches set against burgundy bricks and billowing milky curtains. But the relaxed vibe remains, and so does the soundtrack, a groovy blend of house, soul, reggae and hip hop. Overlooking the pulsating masses below is a mezzanine where you can drink such classic island suds as Trinidadian import Carib ($6) from the small walnut bar. Tip: arrive early on warm weekends (doors open at 9 p.m.) if you hope to nab a streetside spot on the popular (unlicensed) patio. Open Thursday to Saturday.

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house music feels good (6/8/2006) @ Octapus
Octapus, Toronto