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Oddfellows Hoboken



Welcome to The Most Authentic Award Winning New Orleans Food in the Area.

Oddfellows Rest, named for one of New Orleans’ famous cemeteries, has been a favorite destination for fun-loving Hobokenites and food critics alike since opening its doors 12 years ago. With jambalayas, etouffees, po’ boys, gumbos, and blackened catfish, patrons enjoy a Cajun feast that earns a stamp of approval from every transplanted Louisiana native.

This location presents a different spin on New Orleans’ infamous flair. We have a separate, non-smoking restaurant, from which diners can make their way into our spacious bar. The bar features an 8 ft screen TV, 42” plasma TVs, a dartboard, and 2 pool tables. In spring, summer, and fall, our outdoor courtyard in back is open.

No New Orleans hot spot would be complete without a Mardi Gras celebration, and Oddfellows answers with a week-long rip-roarin’ party, featuring live funk & zydeco bands and a glittering float, from which beads, masks, and trinkets are thrown. The festivities kick-off a week early, and culminate with a crazy Fat Tuesday bash worthy of Bourbon Street.

During crawfish season in April, live crawfish are tossed into a Jacuzzi-sized pot of boiling Cajun spices, then served by the pound alongside corn on the cob and boiled red potatoes.