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Oglethorpe University, Lupton Hall Atlanta


Mysterious, chilling, leaving its audience guessing, this play is a tempting menu of delightful, yet complicated characters. Playwright, Shahara Ruth, spins a tale of secrecy, torment and deceit. Why is Eva Mae unsure? Is Talbot’s word the gospel? Will Charles end up like his father? Can Chloe Johnson say no? And Savannah…will she ever find the unconditional love she is searching for? Can these people continue to exist, Behind Safe Walls?

Hosted by Toni Award Winner Tamika Harper (Ga. Me), the show stars Tony Greene (Talbot), Tanzania Nevels (Eva Mae), Zwella Harris (Savannah), Cola Rum (Charles), Nahkia Miller (Doctor) and Kesha Ector-Johnson (Sister Chloe Johnson). Current works by this dynamic playwright include Women Dating Badly, House of Iron, Suicide, Fallen Leaves, along with her poetry book, From The Poet To The People.

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