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Old Post Office Pavilion Washington DC


Old Post Office Pavilion

Welcome to The Old Post Office Pavilion at 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue. Whether you work in the nation’s capital or you are here for a visit – make us, one of Washington’s top eight attractions, a stop on your list!

Join us for some of DC’s mouth-watering international cuisine, diverse shopping and musical events. Centrally located between the White House and the U.S. Capitol – we’re on your way to it all and one of the DC area’s top attractions!


Originally built in 1899, The Old Post Office Pavilion embodied the modern spirit that was sweeping the country. Today, our architecture and spirit of innovation continues to evolve and thrive.

Once the first government building to have its own electric power plant, today we continue to electrify — with the help of The DC Preservation League. And, thanks to forward-thinking people, you can now stroll through The Old Post Office Pavilion and experience both its glamorous past and fun-filled present with international food, eclectic shopping and musical events … All designed to entertain lunch, mid-day and after work audiences all week long.


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