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Old Town Bar & Restaurant New York

The Old Town Bar, on East 18th Street in Manhattan, is still one of the great neighborhood bars of New York City. As the blocks around it have consistently changed over the decades, the Old Town has remained a constant. Whether it be a quiet afternoon with a book and a burger or a packed Friday night, the Old Town draws an eclectic mix of New York’s people and visitors, young and old, drawn here by its unique character, the reasonable prices and the casual and unpretentious ambience that has outlasted every trend and fad that has passed through over the past century.

The Old Town is New York as it was and as it is. But the mahogany bar, mammoth urinals, and tin ceilings are not the full essence of it. The patrons and staff are the primary attraction of our time-tested tavern. Our managers, bartenders, and wait staff are New York with roots going back in nearly all cases for one hundred years and, in most cases, nearly two hundred years. They know New York, its taverns, its history, its politics, its people. For a full taste of New YOrk, come drink in the Old Town.

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