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Old Triangle Halifax

Our name is perhaps, most associated with a song “The Old Triangle,” in Brendan Behan’s famous play “The Quare Fellow.” However this Old Triangle remembers an ancient time when a grouping of three, or triad, was a symbol of good luck. Our emblem, the Celtic knot, not only harkens back to a distant past, but also parallels the symbolism found in a shamrock and in the triple spirals of Newgrange. This New “Old Triangle” is the creation of three Irishmen- Kevin Evans, Brian Doherty and Gerry Guest. Our three-room concept; The Snug, The Pourhouse and Tigh An Cheoil (house of music), is ideally suited to our belief in the three most important ingredients of a memorable occasion; food for the body, drink for the spirit, and music for the soul. We invite you to join us and experience you own triad.
Ceoil, Caint Agus Craic.
Singing,Talking and Merriment.