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OLE Jersey City

Ole Mexifunk is the latest addition to a series of successes pioneered by Andrew Gaebele and his entourage. Strategically located in the Newport Pavonia district of Jersey City, Ole is bursting with color, light and an enticing fare that blends Latin, French and Italian flavors.

Ole provides customers a professional and comfortable atmosphere during the day and a chic Lounge and Restaurant in the evening. So whether you are seeking out the perfect location to host your customers or meetings, a romantic dinner, or a stylish location to enjoy friends – Ole accommodates all these moods and every occasion.

As a further service to our customers, we now offer online ordering. Just another way to make life a little bit more simple. That’s Ole.
The earlier establishments by Andrew Gaebele include the MileSquare of Hoboken, Gaebel’s of New Brunswick and Rolf’s of Warren. Though every restaurant offers a different flare, they are all based on 3 principles. Attention to Detail, Outstanding Service and Innovative Menus.

Hasta pronto

Monday to Friday happy hour from 4pm till 7pm
half priced margaritas
half priced draft beer
half priced cosmopolitans and apple martinies
$10 buckets of coronitas