On The Edge Pub

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Here is just a simple introduction to one of the most enjoyable Pub/Bars you are going to come into, anywhere in Vancouver. It is at 303 Columbia St. right beside the Columbia Hotel on the corner of E. Cordova and Columbia. We will be open 7 days a week, Mon - Thurs til one, Fri and Sat til 2 and Sunday is open to discussion. Our chef Terry MacKormick has started on a fantastic pub style, comfort food menu, in which every item is made in house. These items will be at very affordable prices and we will be having daily specials as well. We are going to start our drink menu very simple as we do not want to dictate what our customers are to have. We want you to help us evolve into something special. We have a liquor primary liscence that has 190 seat capacity and we have a stage floor as well. This also gives us alot of options to bring in live performers, and/or DJ's. We are looking forward to provide event bookings (christmas parties and New Years celebrations)to enhance the excitement and buzz to the establishment. We are looking at bringing in UFC pay per views, Super Bowl party, hockey games and hopefully being a World Cup headquarters during the summer. There are also ideas running around for an industry night on Sundays that might include wii tournaments on the projection screen.