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One New York


ONE has an earthy, sexy feel with warm, natural candlelight, emphasizing a play on shadows and light. There is a playful element in the space as distinct areas blend together to create a unified venue. The seating and table heights along with the table settings set the scene for the intimate and personal experience shared with your party and the entire room.

The lounge, adjacent to the main bar is designed in a way that enables people to spill into the other areas of the room. This eases the sometimes uncomfortable transition between ‘being at the bar’ or ‘having a table’. On one side of the center lounge is a champagne bar that caters to a friendly communal table while the other side offers a private elevated VIP area. Each of the separate areas flow into each other and are highly conducive to meeting people and accommodating any number of groupings.

Located downstairs at ONE is a beautiful VIP room equipped with its own private facilities. The space is designed to accommodate any type of function or party from a formal sit down dinner to a casual cocktail party.

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