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One Lounge

Our Story
One Lounge is the story of four friends in search of a place they all would enjoy. With backgrounds as diverse as Russia, Greece, D.C. and L.A., Filipp, Niko, Seth and Daniel began creating what is now One Lounge. The idea was a place that offered great food, even after 10:00pm; a place that played cool music, but people could still hang out and talk; and a place that had a modern, hip atmosphere, but wasnt a night club. Today, One Lounge is that place.

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After training under legendary Culinary Olympians at the California Culinary Academy’s Le Cordon Bleu Program, Chef Wade Hoo Fatt went on to the G. Brera School of Culinary Arts in Como, Italy, and finally Mirko Reeh’s cooking school in Frankfurt, Germany. His first restaurant, located in Bogue Hill, Jamaica, was the three-star rated Julia’s Italian Kitchen.

Chef Wade now joins One Lounge as Executive Chef, bringing a high level of culinary design to Dupont Circle.