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OohZone (Opening 2013) Winnipeg


OohZone, simply stated is unlike any other nightclub experience.

OohZone will be central Canada’s Largest private Adult Lifestyle Nightclub of pure erotic Luxury. You will have the freedom to express yourself in your sexiest attitude and attire at OohZone.

OohZone is an elegant on premise nightclub catering to upscale sexually-social mainstreamers, lifestyle couples, single females and males. We invite people to OohZone that enjoy exploring their deepest fantasies and erotic sides. Our members will all be linked by a common thread: they all enjoy an environment that is wholly charged with sensuality and sexuality and the varied levels of extreme to which this open-mindedness takes them.

OohZone setting will be clean, comfortable, respectful and always edgy . OohZone is definitely the place to be if you and your partner are uninhibited, curious and daring. OohZone is also a place where people who have never attended a club like this can feel comfortable and move at your own pace. Dance the night away, fill your senses with the beauty of the people around you, or just sit in one of our lavish seating areas and watch the exciting progression of OohZone’s sexual energy. The choice is yours.

OohZone will have a unique flair for creating a sensually charged social ambiance with both class and style. Our guests will find a thrill higher than the traditional clubs they are most acquainted with.

The typical age range of guests that will attend OohZone is between 25 and 50 years of age with the majority of our guests being in their mid 30’s. Minimum age for our club is 25 unless pre-approved.

OohZone will be a members only club offering an annual basic membership package or a premium package. The premium package will offer our guests priority tickets to all events, Special seating areas, and of course, access to our private area. Single Males and Females must be pre screened / approved (over 25 years of age). Single men are only allowed to attend OohZone on their own on Friday nights (max 10). They may attend Saturday nights (max 10 per event) when they accompany a couple to the club. Single Women will be allowed all nights.

OohZone is a No means No, Drama Free Zone!