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Opium Lounge London


The Opium Lounge Romford; opened it’s doors to the public on the 1st of December 2000, with its mix of Crazysexycool decor, unstoppable music and gorgeous clientele, this new concept in clubbing was destined to be hugely popular with clubbers and bar flies alike. The Opium Lounge aimed to put something back into clubbing in Essex, something that was lost upon the arrival of the corporate collective – “Glamour”. Combining the most awe inspiring look ever created in a Romford venue and a music policy to satisfy even the appetite of the most ardent club goer, The Opium Lounge took the Romford by storm.

The designers of the club have taken their inspiration from the Far Eastern opium dens of the 1920’s and the smoking houses of Marrakech. With its comfortable boudoir seating and Moroccan beds strewn with silk scatter cushions The Opium Lounge creates an atmosphere that screams luxury. The beautiful antique furniture and fittings that finish the space, give the impression that attention has been paid to the most minor of details. Finally the entire ceiling has been draped in imported gold and copper Indonesian silk, what could be more opulent?

Whilst the more relaxed of the clientele lounge in the booths, and on the leather bound Moroccan beds, the energy on the dance floor is nothing less than electric. The sound system is amazing and has been installed by the most acclaimed sound engineer in the country who has projects such as the Ministry of Sound and Fabric under his belt. The music that it pumps out is complimented by the awe inspiring intelligent lighting supplied by the national club lighting champion.

The crowd are nothing less than fantastic, none of the usual drunken ‘Ralph Lauren boys’, but shining happy people giving off a fantastic vibe, experiencing the finest music to ever erupt from a stylish yet relaxed venue.
So prepare yourselves for a night of musical bliss, a venue so nice you won’t want to leave, there can only be one club……