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Oracle Mansion Las Vegas


Nightclub Ultra Hookah Lounge & Restaurant provides a fun social atmosphere to relax with your friends. Whether you’re looking for an inviting atmosphere for smoking hookah and listening to great music, or a fantastic meal with your friends in a clean, well serviced environment, The perfect place!

A mansion that lives the theme to the extreme with all its personnel, starting with a butler, host, cocktail serving maids to bussing servants. Oracle is the destination for three main concepts in one complex where the hookah, modern American cuisine and cultural nightlife are glorified. An Oracle’s face communicates with patrons through TV screens/artwork; bringing the message from the future and making patrons feel that reaching joy at the mansion is the prophecy realized when all the icons (food-hookah-drinks-music) come together. An oracle is the voice of the gods on earth, it helps people visiting the mansion fulfill the prophecy through it’s enchanted events. The mansion is created through three distinct themed rooms, each with its own unique concept

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