Orange Room

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Bursting with sweet citric energy and electric vibrations the Orange Room offers an ultra-swank and retro space to rejuvenate the spirit. Take a trip down the disco ball corridor and feel that juicy bass pour thick from the speaker system. The high ceilings, raw metals and Vitamin C dripping from the walls make Orange Room almost palatable. On Friday and Saturday nights when the Guvernment is bursting at the seams, the Orange room opens her doors for the over flow of party people to give them that extra room to get their groove on. Orange Room is also host to various special on-going weekly events catering to all kinds of musical styles and genres. Have a slice.   Check out the other rooms located within the Guvernment Entertainment complex: The Guvernment Kool haus (formerly The Warehouse) The Drink D'Luxe Lounge Skybar Tanja Gallery