Outpost Hollywood

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The Outpost is a western-themed sports bar-cum-saloon over run with flatscreen TVs and all kinds of Old West awesomeness , from cowboy boots filled with cocktails, to walls blanketed with lassos, steer skulls, and antique saddles. A peek:

The Food: Intended to be backyard-BBQ-comforting, the menu's... backyard-BBQ-comforting (nailed it!) with face-stuffables like pulled pork-smothered fries, corn fritters, a 1lb Western bacon chee w/ grilled onions, and five types of wings, including Sweet Whiskey and Buck Naked, which no one, not even a lusty lady Orioles fan, wants to see.

The Drinks: Because everything's bigger in... the Cahuenga Corridor, they'll do 84oz, Sauron-approved beer towers and the aforementioned 45oz boots full of mixeds like the Tumbleweed (SoCo, triple sec, OJ, pineapple & grenadine); the Texas Tea (whiskey, lime, sour & Coke), and the 8 Seconds (coconut rum, SoCo, pine & orange).

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