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Owl Bar San Diego

The wise old Owl Bar has been sitting quietly in the Mt. Vernon neighborhood for nearly one hundred years, holding true to the fable on its wall; growing wiser with age. Every detail, dent in the bar, and decoration tells a tale. From the early 1900s when WWI officers frequented the bar in their off hours, to the days of prohibition, when it became a speakeasy, the Owl bar has a truly authentic setting.

Not only has the character and atmosphere of the Owl Bar been flavored by its history, but also the food. Evolving from one decade to the next, our menu offers only unique and tasteful dishes that have survived the test of time. Pay a visit to the timeless Owl Bar; experience its nostalgia and take pleasure in any selection from our menu, which is aged to perfection.

Happy Hour Monday thru Friday 4-7pm!

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