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Oz Bar Houston


at the cleanest, and most exciting place to drink, eat, dance and have fun in the Houston, Texas – FM 1960 West area. We’re located at 9558 FM 1960 West, between FM 249 and Jones Rd (2 blocks west of Perry Rd.) Click on CONTACT US for more info.


OzBar is owned by Ozburn Enterprises, Inc. Yvonne Ozburn is President and Randy Ozburn is Vice-President. Randy and Yvonne are husband and wife.

The OzBar is Yvonne’s dream. Her father owned several clubs when she was growing up and her whole family was involved with the operations of those clubs. Her father died at an early age and all of the clubs were shut down at that time. Ever since she has wanted a club.

Randy is the president of Centerline Construction Services, Inc. A commercial General Contracting company which also does Design/Build projects.

Since we moved to Cypress over five years ago we have always said that the area needs a nice place that has good entertainment so you don’t have to drive all the way downtown or to the Richmond Strip for a good time.

Well let’s see. We have a classy lady that wants to open a club. Her husband is a General Contractor. The area needs a club. The couple is always throwing lavish parties for their friends, relatives, and clients. Alas, the OzBar.


Our goal is to provide a clean, safe, and fun environment that people of all ages (over 21) can enjoy. Where you can meet with your friends, relatives, and business clients and associates, and know they will have a good time and be impressed. So far, we think we are on the right track. This is our first club, but the longer we are in business, the more we are learning the wants and needs of our clientele. We will always be trying to make your each and every visit better.


1) Service- We strive to give the best service possible. You should never have to wait very long to get a drink. If you do, something is wrong, and we want to know about it. We’ll do our best to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

2) Entertainment- We get the best entertainment possible. We pay more for the entertainment but we feel that the type and caliber of our entertainment reflects the type and caliber of customers that we want.

2) Atmosphere- We try to make the club interesting. You’ll notice that we are constantly adding to and changing the decor. We want nice surroundings that we hope our customers will appreciate. We think even the smallest details make a difference.

3) Cleanliness- We feel there are too many club owners that build a club, get the people in, then just let the club deteriorate. That will never happen with the OzBar. We take pride in the cleanliness of the club. We even have high tech air cleaners to help keep smoke and the old bar smell out. You’ll notice that your eyes don’t burn and the cigarette smoke is negligible even on crowded nights.