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Pacific Coliseum Vancouver

The Pacific Coliseum is an indoor arena known for hosting a diverse array of events including ice shows, boxing, basketball, hocket, circuses, large assemblies, trade and consumer shows, and some epic concerts and live music shows. The venue has been named the largest building within the Hastings Park, and has plenty of space to hold events of a large capacity.

Seating at the Pacific Coliseum can accommodate 15,713 visitors. There is also room for 2,000 temporary seats on the floor for VIP seating for concerts and sporting events. When trade shows come through town, the building offers 80,000 square feet of exhibition space on the stadium floor and 47,000 square feet of space in the concourse area. The two levels are connected by a 14 foot wide ramp allowing for easy transportation between the two areas. The ceiling clearance is 68 feet, allowing plenty of room for taller exhibits.

The building also offers dressing rooms, office space, press areas, an exhibitors lounge and full ticket facilities. The venue is very adaptable for a wide variety of events and their unique needs as far as amenities and seating. Come experience why the Pacific Coliseum has become the premier choice in Vancouver for many large scale events!

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Insomnia 2014 (3/15/2014) @ Pacific Coliseum
Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver
Hardwell New Years 2014 (12/31/2013) @ Pacific Coliseum
Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver