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Pacific Crab Co. Vancouver

At Pacific Crab Co. Oyster Bar and Grill, our philosophy is simple. Create a destination landmark by setting the standards for the restaurant industry, not following it. Our mission is to appeal to customers primarily of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, middle-income brackets and social interests by creating a memorable experience. Fresh quality seafood, impeccable service, and a captivating ambiance will demonstrate our commitment to high standards and our ability to exceed expectations.

Our ambiance captures the essence of a simple Asian design combined with an exotic Caribbean vibrancy that will ensure an upscale touch of class along with West Coast comfort. Keeping with the Asian Pacific Coast flair combined with spicy exotic flavors, the décor will follow feng shui rules and promote good ‘chi’ and energy. Boasting a captivating 180° panoramic ocean view with floor to ceiling windows, airy light curtains hang gently to catch the breeze and enhance the view. Plants, bamboo, rocks and other little things typically found at beach will be displayed by pictures and shadowboxes throughout the restaurant.

The Leg Room Lounge includes an appealing bar area that customers can savor our cocktails and aperitifs before and after their meal. The Leg Room Lounge consists of an attractive raw oyster that offers an impressive selection of oysters that will be shucked right in front of the customer’s eyes. Modern décor and lighting will emulate a minimalist influence typically found in Miami and New York City’s clubs and restaurants. Natural lighting is emphasized during the day while candles, wall lighting and drop lighting from the ceiling are used to create the mood as the sunsets and evening mode begins.

Promoting fun and upbeat environment, background music such as house, Jazz, RandB, Latin, Satin and Caribbean is enjoyed throughout Pacific Crab Co. Oyster Bar Grill and Leg Room Lounge.

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