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Palace Theatre


Palace Theatre
The Palace Theatre, a grand cultural and entertainment facility in the heart of Albany , New York , first opened its doors in October 1931. Built during the Depression, the Palace was the largest theatre in a city already noted for a number of other opulent movie houses. Today, the Palace Theatre remains the sole survivor of this period of entertainment and continues to make history with a widely diverse offering of popular acts and cultural events.


2,844 (Orchestra 1541 - Balcony 1303)


Proscenium Opening: 64' wide 43' high

Dead hung border that hangs down approx 15 feet below top of arch

Stage: 33' from edge of stage to back wall edge

31' from edge of stage to downstage edge of column

Orchestra Pit: 49' 6” wide (rail to rail) // 11' wide at center line

Stage to ceiling: 92' high

Stage to grid: 84' high

Stage to pan: 78' high

Stage floor is tongue and groove oak. The surface is natural wood color with the exception of the pit surface, which is black in color. No nails, stage screws or lags are allowed without prior consent of the Palace Theatre's Production Manager.


Height: 84' deck to walking surface of grid

Access via interior ladder system or exterior fire escape stairs

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