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Palais Royale Toronto

Located at Sunnyside Beach, Palais Royale is a classic ballroom which first opened in 1922 to coincide with the opening of Sunnyside Amusement Park. However, the dancehall didn’t reach its peak in popularity until the 1930’s when many of the big band and swing greats rocked the house, including Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Benny Goodman and others.

During the construction of the Gardiner Expressway, Sunnyside Amusement Park was demolished, and though the Palais Royale stayed standing, its popularity began to decline. In January 2000 the city scooped up the property and began renovations to restore its previous splendour.

With a few contemporary touches, the doors to the Palais Royal re-opened in June 2006. The Palais still features a sprung, cantilever hardwood floor — the only one of its kind in Canada. There are two bars in the hall, a fireplace and an elevated band stage. Off the hall, there is a massive deck overlooking Lake Ontario. The newly renovated ballroom hosts swing dinners, dances, as well as concerts and other events.

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