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Palladium Nightclub New York

With a legacy of over 35 years of business in the restaurant and nightlife industry, Palladium Restaurant and Lounge is the realization of Juliette and Louis Gomez, brother and sister duo revolutionizing the new age of fine dining and nightlife in New York City.

A sexy, luxurious, and chic venue, Palladium is perfect for an indulging dinner or a night out on the town during their swanky lounge hours. Diners and partygoers will experience a sophisticated bi-level venue, complete with seductive boudoirs, and sexy socials, as they are showered with upscale bottle service, taste global influences on American cuisine, and are waited on like royalty by a personal hostess!

While pursuing an MBA in Global Business Management, Juliette experienced the posh nightlife of South Beach Miami. Inspired by its upscale and trendy atmosphere, Juliette recognized a void in New York City nightlife. Sunday through Saturday, chic partygoers and socialites spent their nights as recurring clientele of select Miami hotspots, never underdressed and always on the guest list. Their frequent return to these particular venues was due to an inimitable experience that fulfilled their every desire and made them genuinely valued.
Returning to New York City, Juliette came together with Louis to develop a venue that would be both unique and memorable. A place where the client was key, and exclusive, posh entertainment sealed the experience. Seeking the assistance of Chef Carlos La Cruz, world-renowned TV Chef and restaurant connoisseur, they have created a venue where every day and night will be unlike any other. One of a kind, Palladium Restaurant and Lounge was born, priding itself in custom superior service for every client.

Palladium is an exclusive soft silver-white metal that was discovered in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston, an English physicist and chemist. Named after the Pallas Asteroid with its etymology stemming from the Greek Goddess Pallas Athena, Palladium Restaurant and Lounge acquires its name for its inheritance of wisdom, and nobility, as well as its high exclusivity. Precious metals, stones, and Greek influences inspire this venue’s décor. The Palladium brand and platinum theme appeal to clients as they are intrigued by the experience of “an escape from the world”. Its signature harlequin featured on its logo is symbolism for great entertainment combined with quality service. Palladium’s client-centric vision places every single patron as the center of attention. We pride ourselves in making every individual feel appreciated and valued. Palladium’s amenities provide a “vacation” where clients will always have a desire to return.

Boasting six VIP areas with LED lighted tables: two near the main dance floor with custom-made art pieces by local artists, Palladium’s signature harlequin, fourteen chandeliers, white sultry leather couches with metallic brick-exposed walls, and precious metal finishes; two stage VIP areas with custom-made luxury memory foam beds that mold to your body to provide comfort and relaxation, each designed with European fabric and custom granite tray tables laid at the center of each bed for service; a Mezzanine VIP area with white leather couches, a private dance floor, exhilarating views of the entire venue, and a Swarovski crystal curtain overlooking the bar; and a VIP area under one of two (floating) DJ booths, with custom-made art by local artists. The state features ambiance lighting, one of two DJ booths, leather walls, and silky curtains with custom-made art. Throughout the venue, you can also find custom chandeliers with silver precious metallic finishes, and platinum features.

Palladium highlights their incomparable entertainment as one of a kind. The experience includes two DJ booths spinning the finest music all night long (House, Trance, Techno, Top 40); sultry and seductive professional dance performances (including ballet, samba, flamenco, and Broadway influences) by Palladium’s Harlequin Dance Company, DJ battles, Concerts, Fashion Shows, Special Events and a wide selection of After-Hours Entertainment and themed nights.

Palladium’s lounge features a delectable selection of amuse-bouche specially crafted by Venezuelan Executive Chef Carlos La Cruz. Palladium’s restaurant features a Modern Global influence on traditional American cuisine. Chef Carlos La Cruz has handpicked the finest and highest quality ingredients to be paired with a variety of signature drinks and cocktails. Wines, champagnes, and specialty drinks are also available by the glass or bottle. An exclusive Sangria cart with Sapphires travels the venue throughout the night while a special bartender creates Signature drinks made to order. All bartenders are trained with at least five years or more experience, and all drinks are made fresh to order. The dining room offers custom seating for up to 120 people.

Palladium’s concept as an “escape from the world” provides a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere where individuals can connect, network, and celebrate life! Everyone is royalty. Our upscale treatment, extraordinary entertainment, exclusive décor, and incentives ensure that sexy socials, gorgeous bottle girls, and top of the line bartenders always fill the atmosphere. In addition, clients will always get the most value for their money spent. Palladium’s Signature Rewards Club, a program created to reward frequent customers will launch in Early 2013.

Palladium also hosts ‘The Elite’ an exclusive invite-only membership club consisting of young professionals, celebrities, and socialites with special privileges and club access. Palladium is truly the ultimate venue New York City has been longing for.

Palladium will also feature Catering Facilities under the name of Gizelle, open to private parties and events.
Palladium Lounge opens to the public on October 26, 2012 at 11PM.
Palladium Restaurant and Gizelle Catering is slated for opening in Early 2013.

“Palladium will strive to leave a memorable impression by welcoming, serving, and thanking each and every one of our guests with the utmost genuine and personalized hospitality.”

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