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Pangaea/pan-gee-Ahhh!/n.: 1. the name of the unified super continent that existed on earth 140 million years ago before seismic forces divided the continental plates into the land masses we’re familiar with today. 2. the upscale Toronto restaurant where serving plates move every day at lunch and dinner and where the food of all lands meets once again. 3. the restaurant where seasonal ingredients have been used to create award winning cuisine which is at once modern and sophisticated but uncontrived and accessible, too. PROFILE Pangaea is the name of the mass of land that existed on earth 250 million years ago before it was divided by the separation of continental plates. But at the restaurant of the same name, it's almost as if the plates have reunited. Pangaea serves up globally-inspired dishes prepared with local ingredients for a taste of international togetherness that some refer to as fusion cuisine. Among the most popular menu items are the mahogany glazed salmon with lime caramel butter, mushroom risotto and grilled calamari. The restaurant also boasts an extensive wine list with more than 450 labels for diners to choose from. The restaurant's minimalist, earthy decor adds a relaxed feeling to the otherwise upscale dining experience. Two private dining spaces are also available for group functions or business gatherings and wireless networking is available throughout the restaurant. Source: INFORMATION Since opening in 1996, pangaea restaurant has become one of Toronto’s most successful restaurants. From day one the touchstone of chef Martin Kouprie’s cooking has been nature. In fact, he has cultivated relationships with local farmers and specialty food suppliers so that many of the organic and other ingredients he uses are exclusively available to the pangaea kitchen. Kouprie’s standards are uncompromisingly high. He demands that only unprocessed, seasonal ingredients of the highest quality are used in his kitchen and he combines these wonderful foods with care to ensure that each menu item delivers a clear, vivid taste experience. Many of Kouprie’s creations are widely celebrated and have become signature menu items: Mahogany glazed salmon with lime caramel butter, wild mushroom risotto and grilled calamari with beurre noisette are best selling items that never fail to be praised by critics and clients alike. Devotion to simplicity and to nature is evident throughout the restaurant. The décor is elemental and spare without being austere. The wooden furniture and floors as well as the wall colours all have a warm patina that evokes the forest. The service at pangaea restaurant is welcoming and unpretentious but still attentive and caring -- creating an inclusive, upscale dining experience. To accommodate group diners, pangaea has two professionally decorated private dining spaces that offer the same wonderful food and service which has won pangaea restaurant international recognition. The larger room has space for up to 50 people. The smaller room is more intimate and is secluded from the main dining room for the ultimate in private dining. From this room’s exclusive upper level perch there is a bird’s eye view of the main restaurant which offers excellent people watching opportunities; however, this cozy space can also be curtained off to ensure 100% privacy, which makes it is a favorite spot with our celebrity clients. Wireless networking is available throughout the restaurant so that corporate clients can easily stay in touch with their offices while entertaining and working in our environment.