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Paradise Theatre New York

The historic Paradise Theatre, located at 2403 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York, was designed by architect John Eberson. The theater originally opened on September 7, 1929 with Warner Oland in The Mysterious Dr. Fun Manchu on the screen. The 23rd largest movie theater ever to be built in the USA was one of the last ‘Atmospheric’ style theaters built. This breathtaking theater features Greco-Roman statuary and marble columns line gilded walls crowded with murals of winged cherubs and cloud-bound figures reminiscent of the Sistine Chapel. A wide marble staircase worthy of a luxury hotel curves up to the balcony and chandeliers twinkle over the lobby. The ambiance is beyond the imagination! We have a crown jewel right here in the Bronx!

The Paradise Theater is 80 years old and seats 3,785 is a registered landmark building for both the façade and interior is under new ownership and is managed by Derrick Sanders and Shelby Joyner of On the Rocks Entertainment, Inc. Mr. Sanders and Mr. Joyner have over 13 years of experience in the entertainment industry, and will breathe new life to this historic landmark, while committing to the preservation of the magnificent art décor that dwells within the theater. While enjoying an event at the Paradise Theater, each person will have the ultimate guest experience, with an array of diversified events that will exceed their overall expectations when they come to the theater. There will be events at the Paradise Theater that will reflect the diversity of not only the Bronx, but all of New York. The Paradise Theater reopening will help with the economic revitalization of the community by providing jobs to residents. It is the goal of the new management team to partner with the residents and community leaders.

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